HVAC 101 – Comprehensive HVAC Technician Training

Your first step to becoming a “Super Technician” in the HVAC career field is to understand the basic theories of HVAC and learn the skills to perform your job. This online course is more than just a basic introduction to HVAC and includes supplemental information and real service situations not found in any textbook. Our videos help reinforce reading assignments as well as provide a visual picture of proper techniques and procedures. For those hard to understand concepts, videos are available to watch over and over again. The focus of this course is on the two most important skills: refrigeration and electrical theory. Mastery of these two concepts is the difference between an okay HVAC technician and a superstar HVAC technician. Help is available from your instructor on an appointment basis during your training as well as after your course completion to help make the transition from HVAC student to HVAC technician. This course was developed for individuals who are new or fairly new to HVAC or those who want to fine-tune their skills and understanding of HVAC.

Course Design

Duration: 52 Weeks.

Workload: 1 hour per day, 5 out of 7 days per week, for participation and study time. That’s 260 hours of facilitated learning in 52 weeks.

Teaching Format: Instructor led e-learning.

Classroom Format:  Textbook and online learning. Students “attend class” from their own desktop or laptop computer.

Content and Learning Community: Includes a college level textbook (purchased separately), video lessons, HVAC simulation exercises, an exam at the end of each module in which students must attain 80% or better.  In addition, lifetime access is available in our HVAC Community forum where individuals enrolled in our training program may share ideas and have access to the latest HVAC information.

Instructor: This e-course is led by HVAC Training Solutions founder Ron Walker, who has been working and teaching in the HVAC field for over 20 years. His friendly communication style makes it easy for students to master the sometimes challenging HVAC concepts. His skillful use of real life experiences with industry resources and detailed online facilitation provide a top notch learning opportunity. He is available throughout the course for one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Topics of instruction:

  • Module 01 – Temperature and Theory of Heat
  • Module 02 – Matter and Energy
  • Module 03 – Refrigeration and Refrigerants
  • Module 04 – General Safety Practices
  • Module 05 – Tubing and Piping
  • Module 06 – System Evacuation
  • Module 07 – System Charging
  • Module 08 – Basic Electricity and Magnetism
  • Module 09 – Introduction to Automatic Controls
  • Module 10 – Automatic Control Components and Applications
  • Module 11 – Troubleshooting Basic Controls
  • Module 12 – Types of Electric Motors
  • Module 13 – Application of Motors and Motor Controls
  • Module 14 – Troubleshooting Electric Motors
  • Module 15 – Controls
  • Module 16 – Typical Operating Conditions
  • Module 17 – Troubleshooting None
  • Module 18 – Maintenance
  • Module 19 – Air Conditioning Diagnostics


  • Ability to work with detailsHVAC Certification and Training
  • Eagerness to think
  • Ability to keep going in the face of sometimes challenging and frustrating experiences
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Ability to stay self-directed and complete assignments

Technical Requirements:

Internet access and an email address.

Payment Details:

Payment is made via by PayPal for a one-time fee or a monthly subscription fee. We accept all major credit cards, cashiers checks, or postal money orders. Payment must be received at least 24 hours in advance of  the course start date.

Total Cost: $1185.00 – ($395.00 to begin and 10 equal payments of $79.00/month).

Ron Walker
Ron Walker

After retiring from the U.S. Marines and achieving his B.S. degree, Ron Walker entered the HVAC field. He has been an HVAC technician, service manager, and business owner. Working as a service manager, he spent many years training HVAC technicians to be more technically competent and really understand their trade. His passion for teaching and helping others resulted in the creation of HVAC Training Solutions, LLC.