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Learn the skills you need to succeed!

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 What Makes our Training Better Than the Rest?

All HVAC training, either online or in a classroom, attempts to the basic . The fundamentals of air conditioning have not changed over decades. Every course will deliver the fundamentals

It is our DELIVERY of our online HVAC Classes that sets us apart.

We are fully engaged with your learning, your progress, and YOU.


If you don't know anything about heating and air conditioning we have you covered! We will cover all HVAC the fundamentals & how to apply them.


All of our HVAC courses have video tutorials and resources to help simplify the learning for you.


There is no pressure. You'll have easy access to the lessons. Login & learn day or night, whatever works for you.


We have your back. Online learning can be challenging. There is no doubt you will complete the training. We stay in touch and are here to help.

Our simplified approach to learning HVAC is very non-traditional. When you learn the Basics of HVAC, you will have the necessary skills to pursue you HVAC career.

What Our Students Have to Say

...talked to the GM. I told him I was taking your course and he seemed a little skeptical. I pointed out we have been studying the refrigeration cycle and your test questions involve pressures, temperatures, subcooling, and superheating.

Funny but he was surprised I knew what latent heat was. He was impressed by the content of what we are learning. He offered me a job, I start Monday.

- Robert O.

I had already watched the video so many times I knew the refrigeration cycle long ago and was able to describe it in detail during my interview despite only hooking up gauges only once.

Yet I was surprised that the other 5 service technicians did not know the cycle very well. One of the techs is a 12 year AC veteran and he couldn't explain it.

- Chris J.

Wow you never stop amazing me with what you’re doing with this class. What a plus, live training, great clear videos, up to date graphics.

I think you’re really proving to the rest of the educational institutes and the world that you can teach HVAC and refrigeration online. Great job Ron, Great Job

- Dale R.

You Might Be Thinking...

I don't know anything about heating or air conditioning?

I get it, it is a lot to learn. But, we will take is slow and steady and make sure you are really learning and understanding. One-0n-One help is available, so don't be shy about "raising your hand in class".

What about the hands on? I am worried about that.

This is everyone's big concern. But the hands on is really the easiest part of the job. You will walk into your job interview with a fully designed OJT program so you and your employer will have step-by-step plan to get your hands on OJT training. YOU GOT THIS!

Can I really get hired with just online training?

Great question! After Module 3 of the HVAC Boot Camp course. We will take pause in our technical training and prepare to get you hired at a Heating and Air Conditioning company BEFORE you complete the course! It will be work and a challenge. WE WILL DO IT TOGEHTER.

Let's Connect

You probably have many more questions. If you do, let's connect for a short one-on-one. I will give you a tour of the online classroom and answer all of your questions.

NO PRESSURE, this MUST be a good fit for you.

Our online HVAC Classes included entry level, intermediate, and advanced level Heating and Air Conditioning courses.

They will take you from finding an HVAC job all the way to a Sr. Level Journeyman HVAC Technician.

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