Capillary Tubes in 15 Minutes

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Sometimes you do not have the cap tube size recommended by the manufacturer. The following J/B conversion chart shows how much longer or shorter the replacement cap tube must be.

  • Assume 9 feet of .040 cap tube is needed.
  • How long would a .036 tube need to be to give the same amount of refrigerant and pressure drop?
  • What if all you had was a .042 cap tube?


For a cap tube to work properly:

  • It must be sized properly.
  • The evaporator load must be at designed conditions.
  • The refrigerant charge must be correct.
  • There must be a full column of liquid to the cap tube.

Causes of evaporator flooding in a cap tube system:

  • Too much high side pressure
    • Dirty condenser
    • Refrigerant overcharge
  • Low evaporator load
    • Box temperature too low
    • Blocked evaporator (dirt or ice)
    • Fan motor bad
  • Incorrectly sized cap tube (low pressure drop)
  • Inside diameter (I.D.) too large
  • Cap tube length too short

Causes of evaporator starving in a cap tube system:

  • High side pressure too low.
    • Low on refrigerant.
    • Low ambient.
  • High evaporator load (quickly vaporizing refrigerant)
    • Door open or not sealing
    • High product load
      • Initial start up
      • Hot product in the box
  • Incorrectly sized cap tube (high pressure drop).
  • Inside diameter (I.D.) too small
  • Cap tube length too long.

Cause for plugged cap tubes:

  • Dirt or ice blocking the cap tube
  • Filter desiccant can also plug cap tube


  • Cut off some cap tube
  • Replace filter drier
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