I am Excited to be Releasing our Newest HVAC Training Course.... HVAC Boot Camp

2020 has been a year unlike any other, pandemic, food shortages, work from home, Zoom meetings, business closures, and, of all things a toilet paper shortage! However, there is one industry the flourished.  You guessed it, the HVAC industry. Nearly all HVAC companies, manufacturer's, suppliers grew during the pandemic.

What this has proven, is that the HVAC industry is not only recession proof, cannot be outsourced overseas, but is pandemic proof.

If you are thinking about a career in HVAC, there is no better time than now. There has been a technician shortage for over a decade and it is getting worse. There is also a unprecedented demand for HVAC technicians.

The problem that the HVAC industry has right now is many companies are still trying to look for and hire experienced HVAC technicians. What they don't realize is that for every 4 HVAC techs aging out of the trade only 1 new tech is entering. Right now, across the US, top HVAC techs are making $75-$100K. Amazing!

Here is where our newest Online HVAC Training Course helps you get started in your HVAC career. 

First, it provides you with a solid foundation of HVAC knowledge (yes, I know, so does every other course). 

Second, we will begin your job search, while you are still learning. In fact, we will pause the technical training and spend time strategizing, coaching, and practicing the job interview process.

Third, you will walk into your job interview fully prepared to discuss what you have learned thus far and what you will be learning.

Fourth, armed with a complete HVAC OJT plan to present at the interview. You will be miles ahead of any other applicant.

Fifth, I will provide an industry reference and letter of introduction for you.

Sixth, unlike other online HVAC training, we will be having living training classes in our newest online training video classroom. Not only covering the course topics but also covering how they apply in real life situations.

And finally, I am here to help you. If you need ANYTHING.  I will have scheduled times for virtual office hours meetings where we I will help you continue to move forward in your HVAC training, or life.

If you would like to know more, there is a live Wednesday Webinar, every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Easter. 

Ron Walker
Ron Walker

After retiring from the U.S. Marines and achieving his B.S. degree, Ron Walker entered the HVAC field. He has been an HVAC technician, service manager, and business owner. Working as a service manager, he spent many years training HVAC technicians to be more technically competent and really understand their trade. His passion for teaching and helping others resulted in the creation of HVAC Training Solutions, LLC.