The unknown can be scary and trying to work and learn at the same time is hard. But our Online HVAC Training allows you to keep your job and learn how to become an HVAC Technician.

  • Are you looking for a career change?

  • Do you want to keep your current job and learn HVAC?

  • Do you think it is too expensive?

HVAC boot camp
HVAC boot camp

AC Technicians are in high demand in Tampa, FL. You Can Learn the Fundamentals of Heating in Air Conditioning in our Online HVAC School!

If you live in the Tampa, FL area and would like to learn how to repair and service air conditioners and get your HVAC Certification Online, check out our online HVAC Certification Training.

You can learn the HVAC trade on your schedule and still keep your current job. The job outlook for Air Conditioning Technicians is always good especially in Tampa, FL.

What can you earn as an HVAC Technician in Tampa, FL?

HVAC Technician in Tampa
HVAC Technician in Tampa

Look at that! 5 years experience and $50-$90K in salary. No student loan debt… just by attending our HVAC Training Online and working hard. Why wouldn’t you do it!

Near the airport are Westshore and International Plaza. This is like having the New York stores, in your back yard. Also next to the shops is a great restaurant and nightclub area. There are both indoor and outdoor eating areas including a large movie complex too. It is close by to  Busch Gardens (can you imagine how many HVAC systems are in Busch Gardens?!) in ‘University Square Mall’. This is close to the University of South Florida campus.  Every one of these buildings and business needs their air conditioning service and repair.

There is no lack of commercial air conditioning jobs in Tampa. Next time you drive down the street, look on top of the commercial buildings there is air conditioning everywhere.

Here is a short sample of our online HVAC Training in Tampa. What are you waiting for! Start Now

Here is a short video from one of our online HVAC courses.

Ron Walker
Ron Walker

After retiring from the U.S. Marines and achieving his B.S. degree, Ron Walker entered the HVAC field. He has been an HVAC technician, service manager, and business owner. Working as a service manager, he spent many years training HVAC technicians to be more technically competent and really understand their trade. His passion for teaching and helping others resulted in the creation of HVAC Training Solutions, LLC.