HVAC Technician Licensing and Training Arizona

HVAC contractors must be licensed by the state  of Arizona in residential, commercial or residential/commercial practices. Each classification requires a passing score on a two-part exam . Residential HVAC contractors must pass the C-39 exam, commercial contractors  the K-39 exam, and combination residential/commercial contractors must take the L-39 exam.

For all exams, you must knowledge of business management. The second portion of the “-39” series exam differs depending on focus area, as examinees must prove their knowledge of residential-, commercial- or residential/commercial-related practices. In all cases, the test-taker must have at least 4 years of previous relevant experience and pay a state-required bond based on what they expect to earn in annual revenue. License fees are the primary point of difference, as residential, commercial and residential/commercial HVAC exams and corresponding licenses vary in price.

  • C-39 license requires a fee of $320.00
  • K-39 license requires a fee of $645.00
  • L-39 license requires a fee of $1,125.00

Detailed licensing application instructions can be found HERE.


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State of Arizon HVAC Licensing Contact Information

1700 W. Washington St. Suite 105
Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2812
Telephone: (602) 542-1525
FAX: (602) 542-1599

Telephone Numbers:
(602) 542-1525
Toll Free outside Maricopa County within Arizona: 1-877-MY AZROC (1-877-692-9762)
TTD for Hearing Impaired (602) 542-1588
FAX: (602) 542-1599