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Can I really learn HVAC by taking online classes?

Just as you can earn a college degree online, you can learn HVAC on line!

Our HVAC course is unique in that it has interactive exercises that simulate hands-on experience. These exercises give you the opportunity to practice critical HVAC measurements as many times as you need until you get it. Once you understand how a properly operating HVAC system works, you can then challenge yourself with a system that does not work properly. Unlimited “lab” time, with your study materials in hand, gives you the best opportunity to learn HVAC diagnostics. Electrical and Refrigeration diagnostics are discussed and will be practiced in detail and you will become the expert at diagnosis and repair of these systems. In addition, real service call scenarios with questions and answers allow you to put your skills to the test on some of  the most common HVAC problems encountered in the field.

So the answer is absolutely YES, you can learn HVAC online and will probably learn much more than in a traditional classroom setting because you can see it, hear it and do it repeatedly until you completely understand it.

How are these HVAC classes different than other online classes?

We are NOT your typical online class. First of all, you can reach us by phone and talk to one of our staff who can help you. Because our interest is in your success, we monitor your progress, hold you accountable, enable you to share challenges, questions and success with fellow classmates via online forums. Always here for you, we can be reached for specific questions and concerns by email or if necessary, telephone consultation.

Not only do we teach from the textbook, but we want you to know, forward and backward, the key concepts of HVAC. Each lesson includes reading, videos to reinforce what you’ve read, and a test to be certain you know the material. If you’re ever stuck and just don’t get it, we will set up a time (by phone or online) to go over the problem area until you do get it! Guaranteed!

Although there are other online HVAC courses available, I can promise you, no other course will give you the one-on-one experience we offer. Our job is to be sure you know and understand the why’s of what you are doing as an HVAC technician. This is certain to ensure your success in the industry.

How long will this course take to complete?

The HVAC  Technician Course can be completed in as little as 16  weeks, as some students have done. However, the course is geared to the “working” student and will require 1-2 hours per day, five days a week in order to complete the course, as it was designed, in 10 months. Since this course is self-paced, your effort will determine the amount of time it takes for completion.

What is the cost of the HVAC Technician Course?

The HVAC Boot Camp Course which covers all of the fundamentals to get hired is just$479 .  You will also be required to purchase a textbook for the class which is available through our site.

Please Note - This online HVAC Training Course is instructor led and does require participation.

Can I get hired as an HVAC Technician after I complete this course?

Our HVAC Boot Camp dedicates one module of HVAC training to executing a job search in every effort to get you hired BEFORE you complete the course!... no promises but I am confident you can get hired.

This course will prepare you for an entry level position in the HVAC field. Entry level applicants that have HVAC training are hired more readily, tend to be more successful and move up the pay scale much quicker than those who come into the field as “trainees.”

Note: There is a huge demand for entry level technicians that have a solid understanding of refrigeration principles and electrical theory. We cover these topics in great detail so that you are confident when applying for your first job.

Our online HVAC Classes included entry level, intermediate, and advanced level Heating and Air Conditioning courses.

They will take you from finding an HVAC job all the way to a Sr. Level Journeyman HVAC Technician.

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