HVAC Certification

Air Conditioning Training – Electric Circuits 1

by Ron Walker Electric Circuit Basics You must understand the circuitry of the system you are installing or servicing to be an effective HVAC Technician. Before you can understand the complex circuitry of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, you must first understand the basics of electric circuits. All electric circuits must have 3 elements…

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Free HVAC Training – The Refrigeration Cycle Part 4

by Ron Walker A good thermometer is essential. You will use it every day. You must have one that can be clamped securely to the refrigeration piping. The first thing to use it for is checking the temperature of the air going into the indoor blower. Then check the air just inside the nearest supply air opening.…

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Free HVAC Training – The Refrigeration Cycle Part 3

by Ron Walker As refrigerant absorbs heat it increases in pressure inside the EVAPORATOR: The high pressure refrigerant goes through the orifice(flow control device), vaporizes and rises is pressure again. The system is designed to keep that pressure just right, though, so that the temperature of the vaporizing (boiling) refrigerant will remain above 32°F and somewhere below 55°F.…

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Free HVAC Training – The Refrigeration Cycle Part 2

by Ron Walker Refrigerant looks like WATER: If you look through a “sight-glass” into a container of refrigerant, you will see a liquid or a liquid and some vapor that looks just like water–clear and fluid. Very different from water, though, if you open the container, the refrigerant will zip off into space as a vapor. It does…

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HVAC Training

Free HVAC Training – The Refrigeration Cycle Part 1

by Ron Walker A discussion of the cycle of the refrigerant inside the system could easily take weeks or even months for you to have a comprehensive understanding of it. BUT! Don’t panic. We are going to take a very brief look at it and hope it is enough for you to control the refrigerant charging (placing…

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