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HVAC Cert Guide

This Study Guide is Jam Packed with everything you need to pass the EPA 608 HVAC Certification Exam.

It covers:

  • Type I

  • Type II

  • Type III

  • Universal

You also get FREE access to our EPA Study and Practice Test area of our HVAC Training Website.

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During our daily webinar, you'll get a chance to meet me (I'm the one who helps you when you need it). All of your questions are answered about online training, in this webinar. You'll get to see how our online training classroom works and why it is better than the other online courses. We'll also talk about the HVAC job outlook and what contractors are looking for.

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What to expect at your first job interview and how to nail it.

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How an HVAC career progresses over the years.

Pay and benefits. Some of which may surprise you.

A quick online classroom tour.

What contractors are looking for in new hires.


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