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A Career as an HVAC Technician is a Great Choice... WHY?

There is a shortage of trained technicians because the older techs are retiring at a much faster rate than new technicians are entering the field. This creates an ever increasing need for HVAC technicians for at least the next 10 years. Think about this - HVAC jobs cannot be shipped overseas and are nearly recession proof... you will never be out of work.


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I Call the HVAC Career Field a "Thinking Man's Trade"

Gone are the days when you could 'tag along' with the journeyman and learn the trade hands-on. Today's HVAC Techs need to be electricians, plumbers, electronic technicians, troubleshooters, problem solvers, and sometimes counselors for distressed customers.

Like everything else, HVAC technology is zooming forward at light speed. Today's HVAC Techs need the solid foundation of knowledge our course provides, to be successful. HVAC contractors, do not have the skills, time, or resources to teach entry level technicians the basics.

While this may seem overwhelming, we personally help you learn the solid foundation of knowledge you need to land your first HVAC job.

Robert's Success Story:

...during my job interview with the GM. I told him I was taking your online course and he seemed a little skeptical. I pointed out we have been studying the refrigeration cycle and your test questions involve pressures, temperatures, subcooling, and superheating. Funny but he was surprised I knew what latent heat was. He was impressed by the content of what we are learning.

He offered me my first HVAC job, I start my new job Monday!

- Robert O.

What Our HVAC Technician Course Offers

The HVAC Technician Course prepares you for entry-level employment as an HVAC Technician. HVAC Technicians work as mechanics and/or installers. The HVAC technician training includes theory, electrical, and diagnostics covering commercial refrigeration, gas heat, heat pumps, and air conditioning. View our webinar today to get started on your HVAC career!

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