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EPA 608 Certification

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Types of Certification as Defined by the EPA

  • Type I – Persons who maintain, service or repair small appliances must be certified as Type I technicians
  • Type II – Persons who maintain, service, repair or dispose of high or very high pressure appliances, except for small appliances or motor vehicle air conditioning systems, must be certified as Type II technicians.
  • Type III – Persons who service, maintain, repair, or dispose of low pressure appliance must be certified as Type III technicians.
  • Universal – Persons who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of small appliances as well as high and low pressure equipment, must be certified as Universal technicians.

Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires that all persons who maintain, service, repair or dispose of appliances that contain regulated refrigerants be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques.


Each section contains 25 multiple choice questions. The technician must achieve a passing score of 70% in each Type in which they are to be certified. All technicians must pass the CORE section before receiving any certification. A technician seeking certification must correctly answer 18 out of 25 questions on the CORE and at least one other section of the exam. A technician seeking Universal certification must correctly answer 18 out of 25 questions on each section of the exam.

The EPA has also placed a sales restriction on refrigerants, limiting the sale of regulated refrigerants to certified technicians only.

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Hey Ron! I got a job in Dallas with Chapman Air & Heat as a part of the service team. I have been working hard and have impressed them with all the good information I learned in your course. A good basic understanding of the fundamentals makes a great foundation. Just wanted to share my good news and say thanks again. After I get some money saved up I'll be back in touch about some more courses. Take care, Josh G.
I just graduated from a technical college in HVAC and am still confused about reading schematics. The 26:46 minute point of your video clarified something that has eluded me until now. I appreciate the pictures that go with the schematics. Thank you Ron!
Great teaching! You make it easy to understand. Much better than the class I'm taking in community college..Please keep them coming (videos) Because you explain the material well and with clarity, I can't wait to watch more. Keep them coming!